Yesterday was just one of those pretty cool days filled with art. and friends and bailey’s.  I hate to sound cheesy.  But it just put me in the nicest of moods.  I swear.  Gagging at myself right now.  But it really did.  Not to mention I just really love this cool weather in the late part of the year.  It does make me feel super super in the holiday mood.  The only problem is I cannot stop eating.  I feel I’ve given myself a license to eat because of the time of year plus the weather- especially at night is of no assistance in making me better about choosing what to eat.

I saw this amazing piece of theatre yesterday called “@thespeedofjake” by Jennifer Maisel and directed by one of my LA theatre mentors Jon Lawrence Rivera.  So good.  The space was in Atwater Village Theatre- very, very intimate.  So real, so honest.  It really made me miss being a part of art like that.  The kids that we had mentored as well at the charter school- were able to watch and were pretty darn participative in the Q & A which is always a delight.  To see their interest and involvement in a production- where the circumstances, writing and themes might not always be available to them- their investment in what was going on was wonderful to be a part of.  I mean, getting up on Saturday mornings to teach kids theatre who are in high school- not the easiest thing to do.  I loved the process in it’s totality, but the stress of getting them to focus and just focus- was beyond me.  I understand every generation prior to the current will always have the “when I was in high school/when I was that age we were so different, so much more focused” catchphrase.  But I felt myself thinking that and even voicing that sometimes.  I hate hearing that sometimes because in my mind, every generation has it’s time, it’s “thing”, it’s essence.  As with this one.  But from the perspective of someone trying to supervise and teach and inspire the students- it was no easy task to do that.  However, seeing them a few weeks later and seeing as to how excited they were to see us and how engaged they were in the production- I was actually like “they kinda, maybe perhaps got something out of the weeks we had worked together?”

Distill a whole year down into a day
Act like we all start over with a pristine slate
But to get yourself a new life you’ve got to give the other one away
And I’m starting to believe in the power of a name
Cause it can’t be a mistake if I just call it change

Sara Bareilles’ “December”