some days

I feel incredibly, incredibly thankful.  Some days I feel like myself again and my purpose is clear.  He is very good, despite everything I’ve been through and everything I’ve done, I can only try to be better now and bring that humanity to the work that I do.

With every ending comes another uncertainty.  It’s in this uncertainty I find myself at my worst: lethargic, hopeless.  I can only hope that I’ve learned from that and that I can move forward better with gratitude, focus and a sense of being present.

And on you.  I don’t want to care about you the way I do- but I do.  I’m so aware of the reality.  Then I get annoyed at myself- wondering why, seriously why?  There are qualities about you that I do like and the ones that I don’t I find oddly charming.  I will miss you though you don’t see me in that way.  I’ll miss you and I better get over this soon.  If only you knew.


“You’re the best”

“Thanks for your willingness to help”

“Couldn’t have done this without you”

“You’re my rock”

The worst part is, sometimes I’m okay with that.